Health and Wellness Program

Health & Wellness Program (60-min session)

* 5 to 8 sessions are recommended in order to see positive changes

I offer a basic, short and easy-to-follow program that focuses on a healthy mindset. I apply Counselling and hypnotherapy strategies to lead you towards a healthy outcome.

We will spend time doing inner-healing work that will help you get straight to the cause that may be affecting your health and overall well-being. Being aware of the root-cause is the first step in resolving the issue.

I also use root-cause therapy to lead you towards your health goals. Root-cause therapy is a form of a talk-therapy, trauma healing, and guided meditation.


Understanding that the problem is most likely caused by trapped emotions is the first step to learning how to release them and heal your emotional health, this will allow room for the happiness that you deserve.

You will not only be inspired and left with tools to start a healthy path, you will also have fun and gain a sense of humbleness in your life. We will go over health topics that will benefit you and your family especially if you have a child with autism.

I will share important healthy diets, relaxation exercises, and meditations that can help you better support yourself or others in your journey towards a healthy life. I take pride in encouraging, motivating and guiding my clients towards a positive and nourished mindset. Book today and let’s work together towards a more flourishing and healthier you. 

** Intake form must be filled out in order to start the program. 

Single Session - (60 minutes)

$55 CAD

Package (5 Sessions)

$225 CAD

Disclaimer: I do not provide medical or psychiatric support or advice. I specialize in a holistic, non-medical approach to healing, offering counselling hypnotherapy and personalized coaching services. My expertise lies in life coaching, root-cause therapy counseling, and hypnotherapy, utilizing a diverse array of strategies and tools in which we are trained and certified. My mission is to empower you or your child to excel in areas of personal significance by delivering exceptional professional support. Counsellors and life coaches offer support, inspiration, and motivation, enabling you to tap into your own capabilities to overcome life’s obstacles. My aim is to encourage individuals to appreciate the beauty in each moment, cultivating a gratifying, healthy, and well-balanced life.