Life Coaching Services

Personal Coaching For Parents With Special Needs Children

Personal Coaching

Life coaching is used to support encourage and guide the client though difficult challenges leading the client to healthier options and a better outcome in life. At Autism’s Faith Life coaching, I provide my clients with the valuable guidance and support they need at the rates they are comfortable with paying. Whether you’re working with a Life Coach for the first time or are a seasoned veteran, Personal Coaching is a great option for everyone and is extremely beneficial for parents with special needs children...
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Mindfulness Coaching For Children (Age 5-10)

Our mindfulness program for child and parent will help your child explore exciting and fun mindfulness strategies I use, unique storytelling, happiness and mindfulness coaching tools that are specific to coaching children. These tools will boost their self-esteem allowing them to be more aware of all the positive moments in life and help with their personal development and overall happiness. A healthy mindset allows children to make proper decisions in life and feel a sense compassion for themselves and others. ...
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